• 2004

    Foundation of transport company
    - first experience

    • Our experience in transport branch began in 2004 by the founding of transport company.
    • The main activities were Polish domestic transportations and beginnings of international transportations to Slovakia and Hungary.

  • 2007

    New Markets
    - new challenges

    • The main destinations were transportations from Italy and France to Poland and Ukraine, as well as routes leading from Poland to Turkey and Kazakhstan.
    • We are open to new challenges and undertake the tasks too difficult for other companies, e. g. transportation to the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl, transportation to Cyprus and Malta.

  • 2009

    The main specialization of the company
    - Ukraine

    • We carry out more and more transportations from the European Union to Ukraine, that becomes the main specialization of our company.
    • This year, the future founders of ECL Dariusz Jamróz and Yuri Shabarovsky got acquainted. The beginnings of their collaboration and previous achievements in the transport sector became a prerequisite for establishing the ECL.

  • 2011

    Foundation of ECL
    -Europejskie Centrum Logistyczne

    • In connection with the expansion of our business, the desire of developing, and opening to new markets, in August 2011 a freight forwarding company Europejskie Centrum Logistyczne Sp. z o.o. European Centre of Logistics Ltd. came into being.
    • The founders of the company were Dariusz Jamróz, Yuri Shabarovsky and Hubert Bańbor. From the very beginning the company has two branch offices: in Przewrotne (Podkarpackie Voivodship, Poland) and in Rivne (Ukraine).
    • Office in Ukraine came into being to provide better services for the Ukrainian contractors of the company. The Ukrainian department provides full control of logistics processes in East directions.

  • 2012

    Dynamic development of the company
    - a new location, success on the Ukrainian market

    • Due to development of the company, increasing the number of employees and to improve communication logistics, the company transferred its head office from Przewrotne to Rzeszów, Przemysłowa Str. (close to customs office).
    • In 2012, started a new project of cooperation with transport companies and our partner company Betad Leasing Sp. z o.o. ECL helps beginners in transportation branch to obtain leasing for trucks and supports further steps in the field of transport.
    • ECL enters the Ukrainian market, acquires new customers and successfully competes with Ukrainian transport companies, carrying large amounts of goods from EU for Ukrainian customers.

  • 2013

    Entering the Italian market
    - intermodal transportations

    • In 2013, the Polish branch signs contracts for transportation of large quantities of alcohols from Italy to Poland, Ukraine and Russia.
    • Large volumes of goods require using of rail transport to optimize the supply chain. New experience positively affects the development of employees and the company as a whole, opening up new opportunities.
    • We expand cooperation with new transport companies associated by leasing contracts with us, getting in use trucks contracted for a period of 5 years.

  • 2014

    Economic crisis in Ukraine
    - new opportunities for ECL

    • 2014 is the year of the outbreak of hostilities in Eastern Ukraine, causing the economic crisis in Ukraine.
    • ECL reorients to western markets, while keeping a strong position on the Ukrainian market, and despite the economic crisis in this country maintains constant growth.
    • Opening office in Chervonohrad (Lviv Region., Ukraine). The department specializes in serving western customers, organizes work in 2-3 weeks circle trips in European Union territory , mainly Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands, as well as cabotage in Germany.
    • The development of the main Ukrainian department in Rivne, Increasing the staff requires relocation to a new, larger office.

  • 2015

    Expansion on the Ukrainian market
    - large volumes

    • Many European logistics companies use our services in the transportation from Ukraine to the EU and from the EU to the countries of Eastern Europe.
    • Despite recession at the freight market, ECL holds a high position in the Ukrainian market. In 2015 we fix the growth in turnover of 45% comparing with the previous year.
    • The Ukrainian department signes long-term contracts with European customers for transportation of goods from Ukraine to Poland and we performe about 200 transportations per month in this direction.
    • In 2015, a subsidiary company ECL Ukraine LTD cames into being. Its activity is focused on internal Ukrainian transportations, as well as transportations from Russia to Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Asia and back.
    • ECL signes an agreement with the Spanish concern for the carriage of large amount of cargo on the route Germany - Spain - Germany.

  • 2016

    Cooperation with the largest
    -our success

    • The experience, knowledge and competitiveness of our prices allow us to win transportation tenders of the world's largest producers and holdings.
    • Getting The Certificate of Business Credibility which is recognized worldwide.
    • Getting the first European certification for logistics companies "Trans eu. Certified Forwarder"
    • Ukrainian department in Rivne moved into a new, larger office.
    • At the end of 2016 we plan to open a new representative office in Chełm (Poland) at the border with Ukraine.
    • Today ECL - is a company which develops dynamically thanks to its internationality, broad knowledge of eastern markets, professionalism and enthusiasm of the staff. We continually strengthen our position at transportation market.

  • In August 2016 it passed 5 years since the founding of our company.
  • For 5 years we have increased turnover by 600%, opened two new department offices and increased the number of employees by five times.
  • We plan to maintain upward trend, expand activities and introduce new solutions in logistics processes.