• ECL - is an ambitious project that aims at constant development, improvement and constant desire for new challenges. During 5 years of activity we have increased our turnover by 600%, opened two new branches and increased the number of employees by five times. Each of us, being a part of the team, is constantly developing with the company.
  • We plan to maintain upward trend, expand activities and introduce new solutions in logistics processes.
  • From the very beginning ECL was an international company. Our branches are located in Poland and Ukraine. However, we try to be not limited to these countries; constant development and market expansion, opening branches in every country of our activity are our goals. Mental and cultural internationalism of our team creates a set of new features.
  • We try to unite people from different countries and different industries in the market; we try to unite people who speak different languages, carriers and manufacturers, retail and logistics firms, companies with stable financial position and those that need support, people from East and West, experienced players in the market and those who need advice and support in their first steps.

Our goal is to find the best solution for each of our contractor and partner.


  • ECL company emerged basing on the following values: respect to one another, respect of the given words, team spirit, enthusiasm and satisfaction from a job well done. This business culture, embodied in the life of the whole team, is our key to success of the company.
  • Customer satisfaction - a term that is the aim of our daily work, which we achieve thanks to the professionalism, persistence and enthusiasm. We receive satisfaction from what we do and are not afraid of challenges; therefore we guarantee the best service in transport branch, constantly seeking balance between expectations and capabilities of our customers and the realities that prevail in the dynamic transport market .
  • The energy we put into our work – is a fuel that promotes the development of partnership with our contractors, based on mutual trust, responsibility and professionalism.
  • Non progredi est regredi. Not going forward means moving backwards. We constantly increase demands from ourselves, itꞌsour motivation and encouragement.